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Psychic Fuel Esoteric Services is a real company,
registered in South-Africa, and conducts business in-person and online – subject to all legislation that governs transacting in this manner both in South-Africa and Internationally.
Terms of service applies to all services rendered and Psychic Fuel Esoteric Services and it’s Directors reserves the right to respond via LEGAL CHALLENGE to all unsubstantiated claims of misconduct that may appear anywhere online at any given time pursuant to any services rendered (or alleged to have been rendered) within the scope of the company’s services via this platform or any other platform where it’s services may be hosted directly or indirectly.
Accusattions about Scams & Improper Conduct Against this Site

Being accused of being a “scam” and improper conduct. Our response immediately below to all the comments received in the past via a contact form on this site, as well as published (in the past, present or future) anywhere online or through any other method of communication whatsoever.

Some of the accusations made in the past:

1: that I am a psycho, and it is implied that I render a service with the intent of scamming or emotionally and psychologically harming people.

2: that I have INSTRUCTED people on what decisions to make and told them to stay in TOXIC situations and/or relationships.

3: that I am not at my office enough and my neighboring tenants had been called to “verify” this.

4: that I have cancelled appointments due to issues with health, and also had email/server & communication issues.

5: that I misrepresent content to be “testimonials” when I have supposedly paid for such content.

Our Response:


The nature of Psychic & Spiritual Work is sensitive and emotional and it is natural that some people will not always be entirely happy with what they are told, as their expectations of what a Psychic does may differ from what is actually possible. Some people also disagree with Psychic  impressions outright, and that is perfectly healthy and okay.

We operate an open and transparent service and when we receive VALID messages or complaints,  we try to attend to them in a timely manner. Like any service provider, we aim to provide a service that is meaningful and of value. On the Psychic Fuel platform, as well as those external to my this website and physical in-person service, terms of service applies.

Exampe: on Fiverr (external service), that was the source of an entire campaign to discredit Psychic Services by us, whilst CAREFULLY KEEPING THE POSTER’S IDENTITY ANONYMOUS, you get to order a service, and it includes a condition upfront as to how many follow-ups (or revisions) will be included. Some clients treat this as $5 for all your time and efforts in future as well. For obvious reasons, this is not possible. Generally, we do follow up and answer in a timely fashion and even respond to questions that fall outside of terms of service, but since services include in-person coaching and various other things, time is not always available unless it is scheduled and when clients move outside of terms of service, problems can arise.

ALSO, ALL PSYCHIC QUESTIONS ANSWERED IN DOCUMENT FORMAT such as those on Fiverr, contains the following sentence and all of them are on record proving that no answers have been sent that does not contain this sentence:

Due diligence is advised when making all important decisions as it pertains to your life & future.

So, with external services it is made clear that answers DO NOT substitute for your own instincts and that you remain in control of your decisions. We will NEVER attempt to INSTRUCT anyone on how to conduct themselves or how to live their lives. A psychic answer, at best, can only be seen as a SINGLE source of information that must be tested against all other information available to the client before they make decisions. It is irrational, and goes against our specific request to use due diligence, when people claim they made toxic decisions for themselves based on so-called “instructions”. That is misleading and malicious and we have submitted LEGAL CHALLENGES in response to such accusations.

Also contained in the opening paragraph of all psychic answers in document form, the following is  stated:

“a reading does not reflect my own “opinions and/or views”.

Whether we believe that a relationship benefits you or not is not part of answering a straight forward question about “will we be together and when”.

Especially on Fiverr, clients get upset – and have been for the past 6 years, when they are told outright that a relationship is not going to work. Those answers are based purely on what is sensed and is not an own opinion of whether they should pursue anything or not, as we have no control over that and make it clear that they are the only person that can determine that.

To claims that we instruct people to make bad decisions, we state clearly and with no reservation that such claims is misleading and malicious, as context is not being provided for answers that was provided and how they have been interpreted. There appears to be confusion between counseling and psychic answers among complainants. Psychic Answers is not a form of counseling when we answer questions with clear terms of service, and we do NOT diagnose, attempt to diagnose or instruct anyone on anything at all, ever.

Errors do occur (seldom) or things can go wrong (again, seldom), but it is CORRECTED AND RECTIFIED the moment it is realized that something is wrong – if it can be rectified. This is fortunately extremely rare and unusual.

The core work at Psychic Fuel is spiritual in nature and it involves in-person consultations at our office, or visits to the homes or businesses of clients when they are not able to travel to us. We also consult by phone and Skype, and attend courses and present courses at different venues. All appointments at the office is automated, and we are therefor available by appointment at times and dates that clients may predetermine from the booking calendar.

We do not see “walk-in” clients, and we are therefor only available at the office as per appointments made in advance. Again, this process is automated and we do not screen or filter this process so that anyone can see us at anytime, provided they have made a booking in advance to ensure that we are available at that time. So-called calls made to neighboring tenants “claiming” that we are hardly there is therefor irrelevant, as our activities and work is not restricted to our business premises.

No attempt is made to hide from the public.

Although there is a huge emphasis being made on “disclosing” our information in line with the Fiverr answers that a number of clients (as per the claims of the poster) have joined and where we were accused of scamming people, it was unusual that we would pay the rather expensive fee to have a SSL Certificate to protect client information, yet not opt for the almost free “identity protection service” that would prevent anyone from finding our details. It is in the public domain because we want it to be there. Psychic Fuel does not operate like  “Psychic Joe or Gypsey Sam”, but uses our own names and make no attempt at hiding activities from anyone for this specific reason: SO THAT YOU CAN FIND IT IF YOU LOOK FOR IT.

Reference is ALSO made to – that we registered, but that we do not operate or manage as it was done for someone that wishes to “caution against harm and neutralize” requests for such a service. That webpage, to our knowledge, contains no order system, lists no products, and simply invites people exploring such a service to send a message. Again, the way this is being presented makes it appear dubious AND attempts to create the impression that we partake in something that we vehemently oppose. That is malicious and untrue.

However, we do not attempt to silence people and will not do so when anyone is unhappy, EXCEPT WHEN CAUSE FOR LEGAL CHALLENGE ARISES, when claims are made anonymously and in ways that cannot be tested and/or challenged in a reasonable manner. We reserve the right at ALL TIMES to proceed with legal process and with any cause or action that may arise from damages resulting from slanderous and defamatory posts. We will also proceed with legal action against anyone seeking to undermine the Psychic Fuel brand, operating platforms and it’s Directors from conducting business in a reasonable and responsible manner.


People complaining about cancelled appointments, are few and very far between, and in some instances they neglect to mention that they had been refused service because of improper behavior on their part or they try to “blackmail” us into assisting them with something that is morally questionable. We have every right to refuse service in those instances and MAKE NO APOLOGY FOR THAT. The same applies to people that arrive for appointments, that are asked to leave within 5 minutes when we realize that they are there for assistance with hiding criminal activities.

Service Standards

Apart from Fiverr, the same service standard applies to orders we process on the Psychic Fuel website and in fact, 90% of people that we consult with SEE US FACE TO FACE and in person at our PUBLIC OFFICES THAT IS NOT HIDDEN FROM ANYONE. The time that we spend at our office, that we have had for years already, makes no difference as it does not take into account the range of diverse services rendered that occur elsewhere.


The reviews on Fiverr includes dozens of REPEAT clients that come back again and again and again, some of them for years already, and they all continue to give positive feedback. If the service was a scam, they would not have used it continuously, and Fiverr would have altered the ranking attached to our profile and/or removed us as a service provider.

In addition to the claims above, we are now accused of fabricating Testimonials.

An endorsement on Ed Tyll, that was ordered via Fiverr, allowed for ZERO INFLUENCE ON THE CONTENT OF THAT ENDORSEMENT by Psychic Fuel and was compiled by the Ed Tyll Production Team. Another video, explaining our service, is NOT A TESTIMONIAL but a service announcement explaining the site and the way it works.

Obviously, the person that accused us of suspicious use thereof, is very excited to paint us as a fraud and would serve their “cause” better by checking facts properly. To claim that the video is a testimonial is misleading. As for making statements that people should submit actual videos of reviews on readings, we find it interesting that this person expects clients to reveal identities when great care is taken to protect their own. We make a true effort to protect the personal details of everyone we interact with, and even if they are willing to disclose we hesitate as it is unprofessional to do so. The Fiverr review system is built into their platform, but users use “handles or nicknames”, making personal identification almost impossible.

Server / email / communication issues

This does happen, and as we work through hosting companies, responses to service tickets are not always as timely as we prefer. In certain instances, clients have provided us with proof of not receiving emails, and we have changed serving companies and upgraded hosts a number of times over the years.

We have a “hacking log” that shows how many attempt are made at hacking our site, and we have our email account attacked (not the content of emails) and had our email address used to send millions of spam messages – causing many servers such as gmail to flag mails from this domain as spam. It also occurs that we will receive many “undeliverable” notifications, and will realize that our domain was flagged and then have to request serving companies to remove it from their blocklist.

This is IT related and in no way reflects our intent to provide or withhold services. For this reason, we now mainly see people in person and if we deal with anyone by email, they have to provide proof that we have been added to their safe-list to avoid our mails not reaching them.


Anyone that feels ignored or mistreated, may submit complaints or queries directly as always and will receive a response as always (and that does not imply endless messages and responses and we refer to terms of service again) and we invite you to click on CONTACT US in the menu bar to send a direct message that WILL REACH US if you could not find it anywhere else on the site.

We take these allegations seriously and as we support freedom of speech and expression they may be made as long as they can provide 100% verifiable information related to this “orchestrated scam” by myself as they would like the world to believe. Proof refers to context and the “full story” without bits and pieces added together to make it SEEM like it is something that it is not.

Reckless websites and all and any attempts at causing damage to Psychic Fuel will be challenged legally at all times and anybody engaging in malicious slander are on notice that we will seek an order from the court for personal damages from any such person that simply seeks to “get even” whilst maintaining a clear disregard for our rights at law. All transactions with Psychic Fuel is governed by legislation, and you also enjoy that SAME right to protection under the very same laws under which we will invoke our rights to defend ourselves against malicious acts and slander.

Psychic Fuel Esoteric Services (Pty) Ltd. © 2018 – No part of this website may be copied, linked to or otherwise distributed without the expressed written consent of the Directors.