Positive Finances Energy Package (text for availability)


Psychic Fuel Financial Intervention Package to Change Your Financial Situation



Kindly send me a text on 0728158318 to check on the next availability.

This service aims to adjust your relationship with money. This does not involve spellcasting or anything dubious, but is focused on Energy Management to restore a positive and healthy relationship with money – allowing you to prosper, and to earn money easier and to hold onto that money easier.

This is an intensive package, and you should please contact me on 0728158318 or rudi@psychicfuel.com

to ensure that I am able to assist – as I can only work on a limited amount of people at any given time due to the energy requirements.

The price includes 3 x 30 minute consultations. The first is included when you order the service. The second one is a week after I start and the third after 30 days, to ensure that we gained you the maximum benefit and that your situation have changed for the better.

There is no quick fixes, although energy alignments can be done with results starting to show within 5 days and real effects being experienced after 14 days. The 30 day follow up is to ensure that you are happy with the results.

Energy is permanent, does not need to be repeated, and is an investment in your future..