Negative Energy Clearing




Standard Negative Energy Clearing:

International Clients: Kindly refer to the Currency Converter Widget below, enter the Rand (ZAR) amount and click on convert to view prices as $ values.

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The converted amount will be the actual amount charged during check-out in US$, subject to daily exchange rates as applicable and updated in real time.

Time required to clear negative energy completely: 5 days (after receipt of cleared payment)

Clearing negative energy. All forms of negative energy, sometimes described as “curses” or “bad luck”, exists in energy form and can be cleared (neutralized) by using opposing energy forces. This service is rendered in good faith, based on information gathered by “remote viewing” as well as information provided by the client. Please contact us at to confirm if you in fact need this service, as quite often it happens that clients feel “cursed” although there is no actual negative energy being directed toward them and the problem can then be resolved with different approaches and methods.

This service is available in person or via remote service. A clear face picture will be required to do effective clearing if this service is requested as a remote service option.

Payment Methods:

Cash, EFT, PayFast, PayPal, Debit/Credit Card Online or In-Office if You Visit me In-Person.